Welcome Queen!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Dear Queen,

I would first like to welcome you to my humble abode and secondly thank you for being a supporter! I created this brand for every woman who has ever had a lack of security, confidence, guidance, genuine support, love, and acceptance within one's self. If you have not been told you were beautiful today, this week, this month, or this year then allow me to express to you that not only are you beautiful, but you are God's gift to man and you should not feel anything less than the QUEEN you are. It is my hope that with your lingerie you are able to embrace your curves, enhance your self esteem, and emerge into a new woman for YOU.

In case you are still wondering, EYEQ stands for Embrace Your Existence Queen. It is not just a brand, but a mindset and a movement! I wanted to create something that is meaningful, that is a step above the rest, and more than just a clothing brand. As the ultimate female ruler, I make you a brand ambassador of EYEQ and I implore you to spread the news and tell all the people in your land about your experience here.

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