The Strong One...You Good?

Dear Sis, How are you physically? How are you emotionally? How are you spiritually? How are you mentally?

Are you considered the ‘strong’ friend? If so, rarely does the strong friend have anyone to check in on them because you are expected to be okay, expected to just overcome, expected to just figure it out. I want to sincerely apologize on behalf of others who know you or know of you, but didn’t take time to ensure your wellbeing is up to par.

Today I want you to have a conversation with yourself. Speak out loud and utter these words:

“Today I release toxic thoughts and emotions, I will no longer walk in unhealthy environments, i will no longer dwell in unfruitful relationships. I release thoughts of revenge and unforgiving feelings. I release any negative thoughts pertaining to myself and/or others. I willingly let it go, today, in order to live my life with love, peace, and freedom”.

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