Self Check 💕

Hello my loves!! I just want to first say thank you so much for turning my dreams into a reality. To actually have customers and people to believe in me & my brand is mind blowing, to say the least. EYEQ not just about lingerie, it’s the confidence for me sis. Lingerie is the reassurance that you are beautiful, inside and out. You undoubtedly grace people with a presence of Queen every single time you walk into a room. You are phenomenal and I salute you.

As a plus size woman, I was tired of not finding sexy clothing to wear and that’s why I created EYEQ. However, I didn’t want to only cater to plus size women because I later realized that all women need to feel sexy, all women need affordable and trendy lingerie, and all women deserve to feel like the true Queen they are. Some women say “well I don’t have anyone to wear it for” or “I want someone to take it off me like they do in the movies, but I’m single sooo Issa no for me”. But sis, how can someone else possibly think you’re sexually attractive if you don’t even take time to admire your own body and clap for your damn self?

Having someone else telling you that you are beautiful doesn’t mean anything if you don’t actually believe it. Beauty starts in your mind, NOT in the mirror. I love you and I just want the best for you.

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