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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Dear Sis,

I want to first start off by saying Happy New Year!! I’m not sure if you were like me, bringing it the new year at home, with wine, watching tv or out partying or even at church, but despite your actions, I truly hope you enjoyed it.

Fun fact about me, I use to love writing - whether it was poetry, short stories, or just jotting things in a diary. Over the years, I shied away from it due to various reasons, but someone encouraged me to pick it back up. Writing and modeling are my two escape calm peace. However, with working two jobs, starting a business, and taking care of my family, I am easily burnt out. So to maintain my sanity, I have to get back to writing.

While journalizing, I had a reminder at the bottom of my page that stated “Choose Happiness”. I had to sit back and think...what truly makes me happy. May sound crazy to some, but I could not immediately think of anything. I’m so busy trying to make sure everyone else is good that I’m starting to lose myself and it may sound tragic, but its almost quite normal. Right? I mean as busy as we, women, can be with work, children, other family members, household chores, bills, goals, and etc...we easily forget about ourselves.

As i write a reminder to you, I’m simply reminding myself as well - are only one person - you matter. You have to remember to take a moment so that you can “just breathe”...mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually all of which needs to be in good standing. You can’t be superwoman if you aren’t in tip top shape. So this week, I want you to choose you AND choose happiness. Write down a short list when you have a minutes to spare in your phone or even on the blog - remind yourself that you deserve happiness and commit to doing something off that list at least twice out of the week.

As always, remember to Embrace Your Existence Queen.

Peace ✌🏽 & Love 💕

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