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Have you ever met someone who you instantly connected with? Who was pure and genuine? Who supported and befriended you, but didn’t know anything about you? Well that is my exactly my friendship with Javonte’. Javonte’ is another friend I met and grew to love from Elizabeth City State University. She and I knew absolutely nothing of each other before hand, but once we crossed paths, it’s been nothing but good vibes ever since. Javonte’ is a mental health therapist and was able to allot me a few moments of her time for a brief interview which you can read below!

What has been the hardest obstacle you have overcome as an entrepreneur thus far?

* Trying not to quit and get discouraged. Also, comparing myself to other clinicians has been a challenge too

Do you find yourself being a therapist to your friends and family members unknowingly? How do you “switch on/switch off”?

* I use to, but now I refuse because it’s draining. I only hit the switch when active listening and effective communication on my end is needed.

How do de-stress and protect your sanity?

* I workout and take “me days” where I detox from social media and people.

How do you protect yourself from carrying spirits of others to your residence and/or attaching themselves to you?

* I haven’t mastered that yet but I try to pray.

Have you ever gotten clients that you were unsure of how to assist? How do you gain the willpower and guidance to service them?

* I have, especially when I receive clients on the spectrum. I will research techniques and pray hard for patience.

Contact info:

Favebook & Instagram: @letscopecounseling

So now that I have introduced you to my friend, it is my hope and prayer that you support this Black Queen and her business by either using her services, ordering clothing, or passing her info to someone who needs her assistance. In the meantime, don’t forget to Embrace Your Existence Queen and do it unapologetically!

#SupportBlackBusinesses #SupportBlackWomen #NormalizeTherapy

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