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Calling all fashionistas, all thrifters, and all trendsetters! It is my pleasure to start 2022 with a pretty girl of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Of course this is another relationship that blossomed at Thee Illustrious Elizabeth City State University! This young woman is truly a pleasure to know and although she’s short to the natural eye, she stands tall and tripumhs through any and all obstacles that life has thrown her way. There aren’t many words I can use to say to make you understand just how genuinely great she has been to me and anyone she encounters, so allow me to say publicly say, God I thank you for this friendship! With that being said, let’s get into this mini interview - I present Ms. Paneisha “Penny” Eure, owner of Now Eure Ready!

- What are three key tips to thrifting?

  1. Let the clothes speak to you.

  2. Don’t go in looking for anything in particular, otherwise, nothing will “jump” out to you.

  3. Have an open mind! ☺️

  4. *Bonus* always check out the tags to see what special they have going on that day!

  5. *Bonus Bonus* buy staple pieces, not statement pieces

- Can someone develop an “eye for fashion” or it’s just a gift you’re born with?

I truly believe anyone can have that eye. Once they let go of what they think is “normal” or “in” people follow along the rules of society of what looks good, instead of just thinking for themselves. Be creative in what you wear. Hell monochrome (a one colored inspired fit) is just as bomb. You don’t have to go over the top each time to have an eye! It’s whatever is aesthetically pleasing to you!

— What do you tell people who say they can’t ever find anything while thrifting?

Don’t look at these clothes as hand me downs or second handed. Look at them at them as resurfaced treasures. It’s not “nasty” because you thrift, neither do you seem poor or not having anything, but it’s the way that you can take something that someone else had and make it your own.

- I know you’re a traveler, any hidden thrift stores you’ve found in specific cities you’d like to share?

Wellllll when I lived in Nebraska, there was this store called 1/2 of 1/2. Not technically a thrift store, but store with serious markdowns. This was a place where stores couldn’t sell their items, or stuff that didn’t make it and send it there. I mean alllll the top brands you could find at the cheapest price. I am not a name brand person, I could care less! Any Goodwill or DAV thrift is just as unique!

- What are the benefits to thrifting besides affordability?

You are your own fashion designer! Getting a plain t shirt for either a function or everyday wear and cutting it up, adding a Broche, a rip here or there is opening up your “third eye” to creativity. I truly believe in the saying one man’s trash is another mama treasure!

- When you’re styling someone else, does the fit have a piece of you, or you completely detach yourself and it’s all about the client?

I tell my clients, you reached out to me for a reason, so you trust me with a vision for you. If you didn’t need my “assistance” then I wouldn’t have been reached out. It’s all about boosting confidence for my clients. A lot of them would never step out of their comfort zone or wear what I choose for them, but to see their confidence change after the fact, is the joy in my heart. Every now and then you can have a client that is adamant about one particular thing and as a stylist, you must listen and adjust accordingly!

- What’s your social media? How can people sign up for your services?

My business page on IG: noweureready as well as tiktok. Website is under reconstruction at the current moment! ☺️. You can dm me personally on either page or if you have my number feel free to hit me up!

So now that You have met my amazing friend, I hope you flood her DMs to help her business grow! You can also check out EYEQ’s lingerie pieces while you’re here! Sizes range from 4-30!

I hope you have an awesome weekend and don’t forget to always Embrace Your Existence Queen 😘

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