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I can honestly say that Elizabeth City State University not only provided me an education, but blessed me with some amazing friendships that I will forever cherish and thank God for. One of those relationships is the one I have with D’Andra Drewitt, a man of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He is a father, often banded from Twitter (lmao), but a true beast with the camera. Being the most humble and amazing brother he is, he agreed to a mini interview which I am pleased to present below! Everyone meet Drewitt, the owner of SayDrewitt Media!

♦️As a photographer, what’s the biggest misconception and how do you set yourself apart?

Easily the biggest misconception is in the photographer so I’m suppose to automatically know what a client wants when they say “hey, I want a photoshoot” I hate it because potential clients think just because they want to do a shoot I’m supposed to give them all these ideas when they don’t even know what they want other than “I want to take some nice photos”.
SayDrewitt|Media strives in excellent customer service. I think often times people forget you have to always remain professional. That’s what sets me apart from others. Oh, and of course the overall experience when working with me. My goal is to make your vision come to life, make you comfortable, and truly happy once I deliver the final product.

♦️They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but give me 3 that describes your art.

Realistic. Quality. Soulful.

♦️If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how do you insure that you capture of essence of your model for all to see? How do you create the perfect picture?

This is a great question, if we are being honest… photography is a gift from God. I honestly don’t know how I see and capture things sometime. I can say that I do find curate my shoots to fit said model. From my observations a lot of photographers try to make a model fit a certain vision based on the hype of the style of shoot or their looks or what may have you but majority of the time that isn’t effective.

♦️What’s a good camera for beginners?

Your iPhone. You have to train your eye on capturing things; you can have the beta camera in the world but if you don’t know how to shoot and see things then your photos will still be trash. But for the sake of the question, any beginner DSLr wether it be Canon, Nikon or Sony.

♦️Ciera’s prayer was cool, but what’s yours?

I just want to grow, create and inspire.

♦️What’s your social media? How can people book a photoshoot?

Follow me on IG @SayDrewitt and you can book via DM or email

So now that you have met my brother, my friend, the dopest photographer on the East coast, it is in my hopes that you flood his inbox and book him for all your special occasions!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember, Embrace Your Existence Queen, and do so without apologies! 😘

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